Cladding Removal Services

Get your cladding professionally removed and reinstalled

Cladding Removal Services

Get your cladding safely and professionally removed

At Feltham Demolition, we can remove any type of cladding, from any height using our elevated platform machinery and removal techniques our team of experts have perfected. We offer a quick turnaround and flexible solutions so that we can get the work done effectively and to high standards. Our cladding removal services also include asbestos removal and asbestos surveys should one need to be conducted. As removing cladding can be part of a demolition or building strip out process, we have grab lorries for hire and muck away services available as well to clear away the site around your building as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping environmental waste disposal regulations in mind.

What is cladding?

Cladding is the outer layer applied to high rise buildings to increase thermal energy efficiency and/or to improve aesthetics while not adversely affecting weather resistance. Cladding is non-load bearing, which means it is not part of the structural integrity of the building itself.

Different types of cladding

There are a multitude of types of cladding available to fit different purposes or aesthetic styles to match the appearance of the building. There is cladding available made to look like the exterior of a traditional red brick building or ranging to more modern cladding made from glass or metal.  Cladding panels can be made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, brick, or vinyl. It is difficult to tell which material and composite cladding is made of just by looking at it. To find out, further investigation will need to be carried out. At Feltham Demolition, we can work with you to find the best type of cladding to suit your building.

Cladding regulations and the Grenfell Tower fire

Cladding, while an important part of any building, has the potential to be highly dangerous. Depending on the composite makeup of the cladding, it can be highly flammable resulting in fires on the exterior of a building structure. Containing these fires, once they have begun, is very difficult as they spread rapidly.

The Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 is an unfortunate example of the dangers of unregulated cladding. The cladding caught on fire and the building went up in flames at an alarming speed. The fire, which started inside an apartment on the fourth floor burst through a window and set the cladding on fire, which then spread laterally and ignited the entire building.

The cladding used on Grenfell Tower was aluminium sheets of cladding with a central plastic polyethylene core.

The Grenfell Tower fire is one of the worst modern disasters in the UK and has sparked a serious change in cladding rules and regulations. The government is bringing an end to unsafe cladding in the UK with a multi-billion-pound intervention with a ban on combustible materials used in cladding. The ban also means that all foam-based insulation, plastic fibre-based composites and timber-based walling and cladding materials will not be available for use on buildings less than 18 metres.

In February of 2021, the government also announced that they would pay for the removal of cladding on high rise buildings, providing reassurance and protecting tenants from costs. However, this regulation does not cover the expense of cladding removal and re-installation for private homeowners or landlords who rent apartments out. The cost of removing and re-installing cladding is expensive, if you want it done right and done safely. At Feltham Demolition, we can remove and re-install the cladding on your building to meet government safety regulations for the best price. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you remove and reinstall the cladding on your building.

How cladding is removed

Removing cladding can be a time-consuming job, depending on the size of the building and the amount of cladding that needs to be stripped away. As cladding has no impact on the structural integrity of the building itself, there is no danger of damage done to the building or danger to the inhabitants while we remove the cladding.

Removing cladding depends on the type of cladding present on your building and how it was installed. For example, if the cladding was cemented on to the exterior of the building, it must be chipped away which takes time. You will want to make sure you call a professional to remove your cladding to protect the building underneath from damage, as chiselling away at the exterior of a building, while it won’t damage the structural integrity of the building it may ruin the façade.

Cladding Removal Contractors

How cladding is re-installed

The first step is deciding what type of cladding you want to install onto your building. Are you interested in something that will match your aesthetic style, or a cladding with a particular sort of adhesive bond? At Feltham Demolition, we will work with you to help you decide exactly which type of cladding will best suit your needs and help you with your cladding replacement.

Once you’ve selected the type of cladding, whether it be metal cladding, glass cladding, or brick cladding we can then get started installing it. We start by measuring out the tiles of cladding we are going to be installing and marking them on the surface of the building to ensure they are laid on properly. We get to work on installing the cladding you’ve selected onto the outside of your building, taking care to make sure that the cladding is lined up properly and will fit together seamlessly. Installing cladding takes less time than removing it, but again this depends on the size of the property.

Why choose Feltham Demolition for your cladding removal project

We strive for excellence and are committed to doing the best jobs at the best price. Our team of cladding removal contractors are on hand and ready to take your building into their care. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can tailor our services to your individual needs and help you decide what exactly you need us to do. We are able to remove all types of cladding, such as Shiplap and Alucobond cladding.

We also have a wide range of skips and grab lorries available for hire, with professional drivers on hand should you need them once we’ve removed the cladding and to clean up around your property.

Cladding Removal FAQs

How much does cladding removal cost?

All quotes are custom based on requirements. If you get in touch with us about your cladding removal requirements, we can discuss costs specific to you and your needs.

How long does cladding removal take?

Depend on the job size, but we are experienced and efficient, and guarantee to get the work done as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality we are known for.

Do you dispose of the cladding?

Yes, we dispose of all waste from the site. We do our best to dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly and thorough way.

Do you replace the cladding?

No, but we have partners who do who we can put you in touch with who will be able to provide the best cladding replacement solutions for you.

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