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Keep your site safe and secure from thieves and trespassers.

If you are looking for construction hoarding for your building or demolition project in West London, then we can help. With over 30 years experience in the field of construction, and a full understanding of building site security and safety, Feltham Demolition can help you to secure your site.  

With possible risks to the public at stake and potential loss to rising equipment theft in London, you don’t want to take any chances. Construction site fencing needs to be high enough that it cannot be easily scaled (at least 2m) and stable enough that it can’t be knocked down. Don’t leave it to chance. Let the professionals take care of it. 

Reasons why you need Construction Site Hoarding

As of 2015, all construction sites require a safe and secure protective boundary to prevent unauthorised access. This boundary works to:

  • Prevent potential injury to the general public
  • Prevent the theft of valuable construction equipment and tools
  • Stop people trespassing
  • Maintain legal compliance with The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) 
  • Contain flying dust and debris that may be detrimental to the environment
  • Reduce noise pollution for local residents
  • Reduce the risk of damage to surroundings and vehicles from falling structures
  • Prevent animals from walking onto a dangerous site 

What are the construction site hoarding regulations in the UK? 

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) states that employers have to protect members of the public passing by the construction site. A key part of any construction or demolition project is to carry out a health and safety risk assessment. This will determine the possible risks to the public (which you may be liable for) unless the site is kept safe and secure at all times. 

The Construction Site Hoarding Regulations in the UK are fairly strict. Most building sites (e.g home or regular commercial projects) need at least a 2 metre (6.5 feet) high fence or security hoarding with 2.4 metres (7.8 feet). For projects in towns and cities, there is a requirement for higher fencing and hoarding to prevent children from attempting to enter the site. 

What are the benefits of Construction Site Hoarding? 

Construction site hoarding has many benefits for both construction companies and the general public. These can range from aesthetic purposes (building site fencing is often more aesthetically pleasing than the building site behind it), to public safety and establishing a clear distinction between construction sites and public spaces. They can also be utilised for marketing purposes, with logos displayed on the fencing itself, or even to inform the public of the work taking place. 

Construction site hoarding can reduce noise pollution in the surrounding area which is beneficial for both nearby residents and wildlife. This can be dependent on the materials used for fencing. More solid materials like wood and concrete are best for minimising noise pollution. 

Hidden behind a tall barrier, expensive and valuable construction equipment, like mini-diggers, are much safer from the prospect of theft with the use of construction site hoarding. 

What types of construction site hoarding panels are there? 

There are many different types of building site fencing to fit your specific needs.

  • Steel fencing, timber hoarding and concrete fencing
  • Dug-in foundations which create a stable barrier even in adverse weather conditions
  • Freestanding structures
  • Water-filled hoarding where digging isn’t possible. Water works as the weight to keep the panels upright.

Construction Site Hoarding Staines and Surrey

Ready to talk about your site hoarding? 

Whether your construction project is starting the next day or the next month, we can help you with your site hoarding needs. Our storage centre is filled with hoarding which can be transported and erected quickly and efficiently. Our hoarding is available for both short-term and long-term hire. Call the Feltham Demolition site hoarding team to discuss your options on 0203 725 4240. Should you need additional help, we also provide demolition services, strip-outs, site clearances, grab hire, and plant machinery hire.    

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