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Demolition Services In Ascot, Berkshire.
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Ascot Demolition Done Right

We offer demolition services in Ascot and the surrounding areas across Berkshire. Our team of expert demolition contractors are fully-versed in safe and secure demolition. Whether you are looking to demolish a house, a factory, a block of flats, or a commercial office, our team will ensure you take the legal and safety precautions so your project remains on schedule.

The first step to this involves, among other things, dust control, building strip outs and reclamation services. We then move on to demolishing the main structure using suitable methods and machinery.

What We Offer

At Feltham Groundworks Services Ltd, we understand that every job is different.


Before starting new building works, it’s essential to have the right ground preparation. Site clearance is also necessary to make room for new, modern buildings where existing structures are beyond repair.

As a dedicated demolition company, we provide an all-inclusive clearance service which ensures there are no subtle structures left behind, such as foundations. Your site is then ready for new buildings or establishments.


We have a vast range of specialist equipment and vehicles which ensure we complete every aspect of our work to the highest standard. As well as demolition equipment, we have a fleet of mini diggers and grab lorries, which are ideal for site clearance and muck away.

Our Demolition Services

Our demolition services cover Ascot and all the surrounding areas of Berkshire, including Slough, Windsor and Bracknell. Our skilled demolition contractors uphold health and safety throughout every phase of the job, complying with regulations and controls.

Cut & Carve Demolition

The construction and demolition industry sometimes refers to structural modification projects....

Asbestos Survey

A registered company carries out this survey, which highlights the presence of any asbestos.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are vital for maintaining health and safety throughout demolition.

Site Security & Safety

Construction sites can be safely partitioned and protected with our secure timber hoarding systems.

Cut & Carve Demolition

The construction and demolition industry sometimes refers to structural modification projects as cut and carve, allowing developers to re-engineer buildings to accommodate proposed changes or correct structural damage.

Asbestos Survey

A registered company carries out this survey, which highlights the presence of any asbestos.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are vital for maintaining health and safety throughout demolition.

Site Security & Safety

Construction sites can be safely partitioned and protected with our secure timber hoarding systems. Our security engineers supply and install timber hoarding systems to commercial customers throughout Ascot and Berkshire.

Demolition Projects We Undertake

Feltham Groundworks Services Ltd offers site clearance nationwide.
Tank removal above and below ground
Temporary façade erection
Hoarding with access gates erected
Plant removal
Onsite Concrete Crushing machinery
Full and partial demolition
Concrete Crushing
Factory demolition
House demolition
Chimney demolition
Garage demolition
Licensed waste carriers
Groundworks inclusive of contaminated material – Tarmac etc.
Contaminated material removal – Asbestos, insulation etc

What Our Customers Say

Punctual, reliable and Steve was really helpful! Definitely recommend and will be using again in the future. Even better that they are a local family run company.
– Katarine C
I used his company on many occasions , professional service, easy to deal with , they never let me down. Strongly recommended!
– Viktor S
Great guys, really know their stuff. Got referred to them because of trouble we had on a job. They were no-nonsense and very straightforward. Knew exactly how to deal with the situation and managed to correct the mistakes of the previous contractor and still finish the job on time.
– Mark W

See our Customer Reviews on Trustist

We pride ourselves on the highest standards and the feedback from our customers. Our specialist team of demolition experts go the extra mile to ensure our customers are 100% happy on every project. Read more of our reviews on Trustist.

Demolition FAQs

Need some help? Here are some common questions our Ascot demolition team get regularly asked.
Why would you need a demolition company?

Whilst you can demolish your own property in the UK with the correct planning permission, it is a difficult and risky process that often leaves you with a hefty bill at the end. Demolition companies, like Feltham Demolition, are trained professionals with access to the best equipment who can demolish buildings safely and efficiently. 

And it is not just full demolitions that demolition companies handle. We offer a wide range of services for Ascot, such as:

  • Temporary Facade erection
  • Plant removal
  • Chimney demolition
  • Contaminated material removals
  • Tank removals (above and below ground)
Who is responsible for demolition health and safety?

Before any demolition takes place, all of our sites are inspected by a team of contractors to ensure the proper precautions are taken. Site managers are responsible for enforcing health and safety once the demolition begins, identifying, reporting, and resolving any issues as they arise. 

If you have any questions about how we ensure safety during demolition in Ascot, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Does Feltham Demolition remove the waste?

Yes. All rubble and debris left by our demolition services will be removed by Feltham Demolition. We have a skip hire service that we use to reliably sort through rubble and dispose of it in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way we can, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How long does demolition take?

The length of a demolition varies depending on its scale. A typical house demolition often takes just 5 days to complete, whilst factory demolition can take significantly longer. In larger cities, where many of the houses are built very close together, a house demolition can occasionally take up to 2 weeks.

Please contact us to receive a more exact time frame suited to your needs.

What happens to the demolition waste?

Feltham Demolition is committed to removing all demolition waste in the most efficient and environmentally conscious way possible. As such, we sort the rubble diligently and recycle as much of it as we can. Where things cannot be recycled, like asbestos, for example, we dispose of the waste in the appropriate and safest manner.

Can you secure the demolition area?

Yes. We use security hoardings around the site to ensure both the property and the surrounding area are safe. This hoarding limits the environmental impact of our work, stops trespassers from accessing the site, and helps prevent theft.

How much does demolition cost?

The cost of demolition is dependent on the size of the property, the location, and the equipment needed for the demolition. The material a property is made of and the removal of any hazardous materials can also impact this cost.

For a full quotation tailored for your specific project in Ascot, please contact Feltham Demolition.

Can Feltham Demolition remove asbestos?

Feltham Demolition are experts in removing both ‘notifiable asbestos’ and ‘non-notifiable asbestos’ from walls and roofs. We can offer Asbestos surveys before demolition begins to prevent any nasty surprises that can stop a project in its tracks. We have removed asbestos throughout Ascot from homes, schools, nursing homes, offices and more and can certainly help no matter the project. 

For more information on Asbestos removal or asbestos surveys, please get in touch.

Is planning permission required for demolition?

In the UK, projects involving demolition are categorised under the definition of development. Due to this Planning Permission is required for the majority of demolition projects before work begins. There are two notable exceptions to this: 

  • The demolition site is less than 50 cubic metres
  • The full demolition of a fence, gate, wall or other kind of enclosure

In projects, such as housing development, where other works are also taking place, demolition can often be included in the overall planning application reducing the need for separate planning permission. 

Feltham Demolition can offer guidance for obtaining planning permission in Ascot. For any questions and queries, please contact us.

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Operating as a customer-focused demolition company, we undertake a range of services to meet your needs. From asbestos surveys to building strip outs and site clearance, we provide everything you need for safe and efficient projects.

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