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Our unparalleled expertise

At Feltham Demolition, we care about demolition done right. We have over two decades of combined experience when it comes to demolition and dismantling, and we are dedicated to providing efficient and professional demolition services. We offer a variety of services, ranging from demolition and dismantling to commercial strop outs and asbestos removal.

Our thorough approach and dedication

We are committed to completing all of our demolition projects efficiently and professionally within the budget and time frame you ask for. We create a rigid schedule and stick to it, and we pay utmost attention to detail and safety. When you come to Feltham Demolition for any of our demolition services, you can expect the job done right.

Feltham demolition health and safety

Our focus on health and safety

As a professional demolition company, we understand the dangers associated with our work. We are cognisant of the risks demolition can pose to our workers on site, as well as the nearby public and to the environment. Therefore, health and safety are vital aspects of our work across our company and all out services. There are various measures we put in place every time we embark on a new project to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our professional construction workers, as well as the public around the construction site.

All our site-based demolition contractors are fully trained and regularly retrained throughout their time with Feltham Demolition. Every new demolition project has a comprehensive health and safety meeting associated with it to ensure that our workers have a full understanding of any risks involved. Every one of our on-site crew wears personal protective equipment (PPE). We maintain all equipment to a high standard and replace it when necessary.

To learn more about our focus on health and safety, feel free to contact us or read more on our health and safety page.

Our care for the environment

We are aware of the impact demolition can have on the environment. Therefore, we pay attention to where any rubble and debris goes. Any by-product of demolition is recycled properly, and where it cannot be recycled, we work with an aggregate plant to turn rubble into reusable building materials. We care about the environment and work hard to minimise our impact.

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Operating as a customer-focused demolition company, we undertake a range of services to meet your needs. From asbestos surveys to building strip outs and site clearance, we provide everything you need for safe and efficient projects.

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