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The environmental impact of any job we do is at the forefront of our work at Feltham Groundworks. Demolition and construction generate a lot of waste material that is often not properly disposed of or recycled. When fully demolishing a building, large quantities of rubble are created. This rubble then needs to be sifted through and sorted for us to be able to find recyclable materials. This, as you can imagine, takes time and often is not as efficient as other methods of demolition and waste disposal. The possibility of some recyclable materials being overlooked and therefore treated as rubbish is large. Therefore, we have developed an effective system for stripping out and demolishing buildings in more efficient ways.

We are also careful to adhere to environmental regulations and policies to ensure that our work has minimal negative impact on the environment.

Environmental regulations

Here at Feltham Groundworks, we take our duty of care to the environment seriously. We make sure to abide by important environmental regulations and duty of care regulations set forth by the UK government and local councils.

We are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and hold a valid Waste Carriers License which we are happy to show on request to clients should they require it.

Manual strip outs

Manual strip outs are a thorough way of ensuring that we recycle as many materials as we can. Manual strip outs are when instead of stripping out the interior of a building using machinery, we go through and remove the interior by hand. While this may take longer, it saves time in the long run as we don’t have to sift through rubble to find any recyclable materials: we can recycle as we go.

Manual strip outs are great for when you want to redo a part of your home or building without demolishing the foundational structure.

For more about strip outs and interior demolition, please see out blog or contact us.

Muck away services

Every demolition project we undertake comes with our professional muck away services. We can clear all sorts of debris and rubble from demolition sites, ranging from garden waste to metal structures that we can then recycle or safely dispose of, while adhering to environmental waste regulations.

Using specialist grab lorries, armed with a professional operator on hand should you need one, we quickly and safely remove waste, including green waste, rubble, rubbish, soil, and concrete alongside muck away for ponds and koi ponds, leaving you with a clear and productive site that can be built on top of, or restored as a natural open space or garden. This controlled disposal of waste ensures that we limit pollution and materials that go to waste. We are able to prioritise waste management in order to address proper waste management and again recycle wherever possible.

All manner of domestic and commercial projects require muck away and the removal of large amounts of waste. From gardening and construction to demolition jobs, we supply convenient and cost-effective muck away services, including garden waste, pond waste, rubble, and concrete.

Feltham Grab Hire has a fleet of specialist 8-wheel grab lorries, which we use to quickly remove household and construction site waste from sites of every size.

For more information about our professional muck away services, please contact us or go to our muck away page.

Aggregate wash plant 

While we can recycle larger items using manual strip outs and remove them safely using our muck away services, we are dedicated to getting the most out of any recyclable products we find during demolition. Therefore, we use an aggregate wash plant. All the soil and aggregate waste goes through the plant, which then extracts the sand, clay, and different stones. Aggregate wash plants treats and disposes of waste in an environmentally friendly and thorough way, leaving behind materials that can be reused and repurposed for furniture construction projects.

The majority of London is built on aggregate materials that are low in silt, which is perfect for making concrete out of. By putting any aggregate materials from a demolition site through an aggregate wash plant, we can extract even the smallest pieces of reusable material to recycle or turn into concrete for future construction projects. At Feltham Groundworks, we ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos can become a serious issue when not dealt with properly on any construction and demolition site. It can stop construction in its tracks and cost a hefty sum of money if not dealt with properly and in a timely manner. It is also harmful to the environment and surrounding wildlife.

Making sure we remove asbestos from any demolition site before starting work is vital to protect the safety of our workers and the environment. If harmful particles leak into the atmosphere, they add a dangerous pollutant into the air that can seriously harm humans and wildlife.

At Feltham Groundworks, we are licensed to remove non-notifiable asbestos. After conducting an asbestos survey and determining what type of asbestos is present on the demolition site, if any, we can get to work in removing non-notifiable asbestos. We have a team of specialists at hand ready to safely and thoroughly remove all asbestos present on the demolition site. This ensures that our workers are safe when demolition does begin, and that no harmful pollutants escape into the environment as we demolish structures.

Environmental care is important 

Now, more than ever, we must consider the way we impact the environment, whether positively or negatively. Demolition is a job that has the potential to harm the environment, which is why it is vital to us at Feltham Groundworks that we do our utmost to ensure that we cause no further harm to the environment or contribute to global warming. Our duty of care to the environment is not something that goes overlooked or unnoticed on our workforce. We take proper waste disposal seriously.

The regulations and precautionary steps we’ve put into place help us do this, but we are always looking for ways to be more mindful of our environmental impact.

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