CASE STUDY: Brinsworth House Cut & Carve Demoliton

Recently our team of demolition contractors were hired by the Royal Variety Charity for a cut and carve demolition project on their residential and nursing retirement home, Brinsworth House. We worked under a strict schedule quickly and efficiently with cut and carve demolition. Within 10 weeks, we demolished a section of the building, reconstructed it to our client’s specifications, and cleared all the muck and demolition waste.

Brinsworth House

Brinsworth House is a residential and nursing retirement home in Twickenham, founded and run by the Royal Variety Charity. Brinsworth House is a home for elderly people who have served professionally in the entertainment industry. The over 170-year old house hosts residents in 40 bedrooms, four of which were built by us using our expert cut and carve demolition technique.

Job brief

The Royal Variety Charity hired us to expand the number of rooms in Brinsworth House from 36 to 40, so they can give a home to more senior citizens. They couldn’t close the residence, though, so we had to keep the building operational during the construction, so we had to use cut and carve demolition. We kept the majority of the structure standing and in use, while we safely isolated a section for demolition.

Cut and carve demolition

Cut and carve demolition, also known as structural modification, is a method of constructing or redeveloping a building in which a significant portion of the structure remains standing. Only a small section of the structure is demolished and reconstructed in this project. It is a method of altering the way a building looks or functions without having to completely demolish and rebuild it.

Cut and carve demolition is a complicated process and requires a team of construction and demolition professionals that are equipped with the proper tools and expertise for the job.

Cut and carve demolition is a fantastic way of making important modifications to your building. One of its biggest advantages is that in many cases, we can keep the building open and operational while we work on our construction and demolition.

Through our cut and carve demolition services we can also change the use of your building, correct structural flaws and fix any damages.

Job process

We worked on two floors of Brinsworth House. We widened all the doors and took out the internal walls for a full interior strip out back to brickwork. Working with our expert engineers, we propped up the ceiling safely to keep the structural integrity of the building strong.

The muck away was difficult, as there was no space for a skip, so we improvised and got rid of the demolition waste with a Ford Transit cage van. We were on site for 10 weeks under a schedule, and got the job done fully to our client’s satisfaction.


When our job was done, Brinsworth House had four more luxury rooms to house residents. We increased the number of rooms from 36 to 40. Our premium cut and carve demolition work left no mess or complications. We worked neatly and efficiently to service our client fully.

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