Car Park Demolition

With the rise in popularity of electric cars thanks to innovations in technology as well as a more conscious focus on the environment, a by-product is that much of our existing road infrastructure will need to be demolished, redesigned, and rebuilt. In particular, the demolition of multi-storey car parks has been on the increase as they are no longer fit for purpose, due to the popularity of the much-heavier electric vehicles (EVs).

The history of multi-storey car parks in the UK

Multi-storey parks were first built in 1901 in the UK and were quite rare. The first one was only used by the London Motor Garage Co to store roughly 200 cars near their premises. A rapid expansion in car park design came about after the Second World War, where government funding incentivised local authority and private operators to open multi-storey car parks in city centre locations. With these incentives, and no building regulations in place other than architectural sign off, a large number of these car parks cut corners during construction and were built sub-standard.

Many of these car parks are still in use but are underfunded and no longer maintained by the council. This lack of maintenance, compounded with the rise in electric vehicles, has created a real problem when it comes to the safety of many multi-storey car parks. Electric vehicles weigh considerably more than cars run on fuel. An electric battery adds around 500kg to the weight of an average family car. With more and more electric cars on UK roads, and the governmental push towards converting to electric cars by 2030, multi-storey car parks are quickly reaching their weight load limits.

The rise of electric cars just sheds light on to a problem that is already there: that multi-storey car parks were not built to the highest standards and are not being maintained. This means that many multi-storey car parks are having to be demolished and rebuilt to adhere to safety standards and to accommodate the heavier cars we drive today.

Multi-storey cark park demolition

There is a large rise in demand for car park demolition due to heavy electrical vehicles and shoddy construction work. Car park demolition, like any top-down building demolition can be dangerous work. There are potential hazards when it comes to demolishing walls and floors. However, thanks to the advent of innovative modern demolition technology, your demolition crew can safely demolish a car park from a remote location.

Remote robot demolition for demolishing car parks

remote robot demolition

Remote robot demolition machines have revolutionised the demolition industry. Remote demolition robots like the Brokk machine are able to perform complex demolition tasks such as top-down demolition, total demolition as well as delicate demolition work in a precise and effective way while being remotely operated. These remote demolition robots are the ideal solution when demolishing a multi-storey car park as they are able to get into small spaces, demolish walls and floors without running the risk of seriously injuring a worker.

The Brokk machine also weighs only 1.5 tonnes, while packing a punch of 15 tonnes worth of demolition machinery. It is precise, powerful, and extremely versatile, making it the ideal demolition tool when it comes to multi-storey car park demolition.

You are doubtless going to see many car parks around your area being demolished and rebuilt to adhere to improved safety standards and to make way for electric vehicles. If you are looking to demolish a multi-storey car park, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions and concerns. Our team of London demolition experts are happy to help you with any inquiries, as well as professional robot demolition machine hire.

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