Remote Robot Demolition

As a professional demolition company, we offer multiple ways to demolish, strip out, or break ground on a demolition project. One of the most innovative and eco-friendly approaches to demolition work is using a demolition robot. We are official partners of Brokk, who have used cutting-edge technology to create the smallest and most powerful demolition robot on the planet.

The Brokk robot demolition machine

A remote demolition robot is perfect for dealing with an array of demolition tasks, from tearing down concrete buildings and delicate internal strip outs. The Brokk machine is capable of handling pretty much any demolition work you throw at it. It outperforms traditional methods of demolition like concrete sawing, handheld tools, and excavators, and it excels in flexibility and, due to its compact size, works smoothly in confined spaces.

remote robot demo machine

The benefits of using a remote demolition robot

There is no reason to needlessly complicate our demolition jobs. By using a remote demolition robot, we are able to:

  • Save money by avoiding expensive plant hire costs
  • Save time by attacking more intricate jobs with a smaller team.
  • Ensure the safety of the demolition crew because potentially dangerous jobs can be handled by the robot
  • Be mindful of the environment because some robot demo machines are battery-powered
  • Conduct a wider range of demolition jobs due to the flexibility of the using a smaller demo machine
  • Work with greater precision

Feltham Demolition and safety

Safety during demolition jobs is of utmost importance to us. Using the Brokk machine is a sure-fire way to ensure the safety of our demolition crew. With precision remote controls, our demolition crew can remotely control the Brokk machine in a safe environment while making sure that the demolition work being done is exactly as our clients require.

Demolition can be dangerous, especially during top-down demolition such as demolishing multi-storey car parks, apartment buildings, or office blocks, or when trying to demolish structures in tight spaces. A remote demolition robot can get into those tight spaces and won’t be damaged by rubble falling on top of it. The Brokk machine also weighs only 1.5 tonnes, but packs the power of a 15 tonne demolition machine. It is incredibly powerful and can get even the most complex demolition jobs done without having to put our workers in danger.

Demolition robots and the environment

Demolition, when done thoughtlessly, can have a detrimental effect on the environment. At Feltham Demolition we care about the environment, and do our best to conduct our demolition jobs with our environmental impact at the forefront of our minds.

Using a remote demolition robot, especially the Brokk machine, can help to reduce the impact of projects on the environment. The Brokk machine is electric, and therefore has a small carbon footprint when compared to other traditional demolition machines. It is also equipped with electric-powered hydraulics that work noiselessly during demolition. This means that noise pollution is reduced, and our demolition projects won’t be a disturbance to the environment, or the people in the surrounding areas. Thanks to the precision you are given when using a remote demolition robot, we can are able to efficiently sift through the rubble to which provide greater efficiency when recycling materials.

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