Case study: façade job in Fulham

We work on a wide range of different demolition projects, ranging from top-down demolition, total demolition, internal strip outs and façade retention. Façade retention demolition requires precision, expertise and careful demolition.

What is façade retention demolition?

Façade retention demolition is the process of removing and renewing a building’s innards, walls, columns and floors while retaining its original front our outer walls. Façade retention plays a vital role in preserving the architectural character and historic fabric of many city centres. 

Façade retention case study  

Location: Edwardian house in Fulham, West London

Job description: This facade demolition job was to maintain the facade but create a whole new internal structure and layout to the house. Our job was to demolish the structure and work in tandem with the building company while they installed the new steel metal structure. We also had to dig a large basement as well as clear rubble using our professional muck away services. 

This job was incredibly delicate and careful work. The facade of the building had to be maintained, as this home was a listed Edwardian property. We had to pay close attention to maintaining the structural integrity of the facade, while demolishing enough of the internal structure as we could to allow the construction company to properly build the new steel metal structure. 

The initial facade job took us a couple days, as we wanted to take our time with this careful and meticulous work. Using our professional mini diggers, we dug out a large basement as requested by the clients, for the construction company to then have room to build upon. 

Facade retention and the environment

At Feltham Demolition, we care about the environment. This is why we ensure that with every demolition job we undertake, we uphold rigorous environmental policies, and recycle any rubble we can. We bring all the rubble from our demolition projects to an aggregate plant where the materials that can be turned into aggregate will be, and will therefore be reused in future construction projects. We also ensure to minimally disrupt residents and the environment around us while we work. If you need a trusted and experienced London demolition contractor for your building project, please get in touch. 

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