Case study: Groundworks job in Wembley

Location: Wembley, West London

Demolition job description: We demolished a house in Wembley and crushed the material on site, ready to use as a piling mat. We formed form the piling mat before leaving the site.

What we did

We were hired to demolish a house and form a piling mat on a site in Wembley, West London. The piling mat is a base that the piling rigs can sit on safely. A piling mat is a working platform designed to provide a reliable and stable surface on which piling rigs and other heavy machinery can operate safely. The piles are drilled deep into the ground and formed in a steel cage and concrete is poured into them. The foundations of a building are built on top and which helps transfer the load and weight of a building.

Using our state of the art mini diggers, we were able to successfully extract the piling mat and piling rigs from the demolition site. We then crushed the hardcore and created a hardcore base fit for further construction. By crushing the hardcode, all the rubble we extracted was crushed into smaller and more manageable chunks. Leaving the rubble in large chunks makes it difficult to transport because, and takes more back and forth trips to remove from the demolition site. By crushing the hardcore and reducing the volume of the rubble we are able to create a more efficient muck away process. Hardcore is also usually used as a thin base layer for driveways, paths, patios and gardens, so crushing it saves a step in the process when recycling the rubble.

Demolition and the environment

As a leading demolition contractor in London, we are fully aware of our industry’s impact on the environment. Since Wembley is a densely populated area, we made sure to uphold the rigorous safety procedures we are known for to protect the public and the surrounding environments. We take care to recycle as much rubble and demolition waste as possible either by using aggregate plants or by hand-sorting through the waste to sift for recyclable materials. 

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