Case study: total demolition job on The Hussar pub

We completed a total demolition job on a pub. Total demolition jobs require more skill and careful planning than one might think. At Feltham Demolition, we are a leading London demolition contractor that prides itself on our attention to detail, even when it comes to big jobs like total demolition. 

The Hussar pub demolition

Job description: This was a total demolition job on a pub. We also had to clear all the rubble using our muck away services and level off the ground for the construction crew to have a clean site to build on. We grubbed out the foundations and handed the site back ready for construction to begin. 

This specific total demolition job came with an extra layer of care, because we couldn’t take up all the foundations as they were under the pavement. Touching the pavement when demolishing a property is not ideal, as it then requires input from the council and comes with a bunch of paperwork. We were able to work around this and completely demolish and gut the property. 

Total demolition and the environment

Any total demolition job comes with a lot of rubble. As a leading London demolition contractor, we try our best to ensure that we care for the environment and do our utmost to recycle where possible. Our Staines grab specialists send off our rubble to our aggregate plant that turns anything possible into aggregate waste, which will be reused in future construction projects. As for everything else, we hand-sort it and recycle what we can. 

We also pay attention to upholding strict environmental regulations for the protection of the public around the demolition site, as well as any wildlife that may be impacted. We keep our noise pollution to a minimum, and work to reduce our carbon footprint with each demolition project we undertake.

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