Case Study: Commercial Lift Removal, London

Job description 

At Feltham Demolition we handle a wide range of cases, from house demolition to commercial strip-outs, each requiring our specialist touch and top of the range equipment. This was the case for a project we undertook in central London where we conducted a full commercial lift deconstruction in a busy office block. Lift removals are often very complex and always need experts to ensure they are executed safely and ethically.

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To remove the lift we first brought the lift cart to the very top of the shaft, allowing for the weights to be at the base of the lift shaft. The lift already had a lifting beam attached that doubled the carrying weight of the cart, and we next attached a block and tackle to the straps using 4 ton shackles. This allows the lift’s bonds to be released from the cart whilst its fail-safe system remains intact. The block and tackle allows us to lower the lift without moving the weights from the bottom of the shaft. 

Once we’d lowered the lift to the top floor level, the sliding doors could be opened with no fall hazard and our skilled operatives were able to carefully board the top of the lift. These operatives then began to take out the running rails they could remove by hand, passing them out the lift door opening. The lift was then lowered to the next floor by means of the block and tackle and the process repeated until we had reached the basement level. 

The doors were also removed as we passed each level and replaced by 18mm ply sheets that were screwed in place. Once the running gear and the cart were removed at basement level, we were able to take out the weight from the bottom of the shaft. The shaft was left completely empty, ready for the next phase of work where a brand new lift was installed.

Lift decommissioning case study for London

Demolition and the environment 

At Feltham Demolition, we take great care to ensure that all our projects are sustainable, and this one was no exception. All materials that we removed from the lift shaft were taken to a recycling centre, where they were smelted down to be used in other projects across London. Nothing from the lift shaft went to waste and we were able to conduct the full project with as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible.  

If you’re looking for an experienced, specialist, and environmentally-aware London demolition contractor, get in touch.

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