Case Study: Holly Lodge Primary Academy, Surrey

We recently completed a commercial demolition project of a classroom block for Holly Lodge Primary Academy in Ash Vale, Aldershot, Surrey.

Job Description 

With the school still up and running during term time, and children learning in classrooms right next door to the site, we needed to conduct this project quickly and efficiently so that we caused as little disruption as possible. 

Our team are experts at choosing the right equipment for the job and settled on the JCB 86C-2 for this project to get the demolition done quickly, safely and with minimal noise. 

Feltham Demolition were tasked with demolishing an school building in Aldershot

Before we could begin the demolition, we first had to search for asbestos as there were concerns that the underside of the roof contained a sprayed coating. This isn’t unusual for older buildings, as asbestos coatings were often used as a fire prevention strategy. Fortunately, our search of the old building at Holly Lodge  Primary Academy came back clear so there was no need for specialist asbestos removal. This meant we were able to begin on the demolition itself. 

Using Feltham’s owned JCB 86C-2 mini excavator, we carefully demolished the old school building that used to house a music block. Not only are JCB 86C-2 excavators reliable, but they’re great at minimising mess and reducing noise pollution to the surrounding areas. They provided us with complete control over the demolition so that we could pull apart the structure of the building. 

Once the building was down, we flattened out the area and sorted the rubble into piles that we could easily recycle. We tidied away any of the rubble and debris and left the area ready for the new, modern school buildings to be built in its place.

It took our team of professionals a single day to demolish the building. The client was incredibly happy with our fast turnaround time and the care we took to minimise the disruption to the students. 


Feltham Demolition and the environment 

At Feltham Demolition, we make it our mission to ensure we are recycling as much material as possible and this project was no different. The JCB 86C-2 and our Feltham Demolition grab lorries made it easy to recycle as we went, and with the original structure made of timber, 98% of the materials extracted were loaded up and ready to be recycled in projects across Surrey. Our grab hire lorries also gathered up any rubble and debris that was then transferred to an aggregate plant to be turned into aggregate for use on future construction projects.

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