Case Study: Residential Demolition

Sometimes, Feltham Demolition is called in to fix issues other contractors have left behind. This was a case for a recent call we received from a distressed homeowner, whose previous piling contractor had left their house in a very dangerous condition. 

Job description

Before contacting Feltham Demolition, our client had recently employed a piling contractor to do some foundation work. The contractor had dug out so much material that the foundations of the client’s home were now exposed causing the house to buckle and twist. Despite contractors efforts to refill the holes with concrete,  the council condemned the property with a dangerous structure notice. 

Feltham Demolition demolition of a full condemned home

With the property no longer habitable and the client desperate for help, Feltham Demolition were called in to demolish the building as quickly and painlessly as possible. We were able to demolish the whole house in just 24 hours, taking great care not to damage the house next door in the process. Our skip hire services were used to remove the rubble and debris from the plot and recycle it, making this one less thing for the client to worry about.

Full residential demolition case study


We can’t always undo damage contractors have left behind, but in this situation we were able to offer the client quick and efficient assistance to get the property down. 

Skip Hire case study

Total Demolition and the environment

At Feltham Demolition we care about the environment, even in fast paced projects like this one. This is why we take measures to ensure as much of the debris and waste from a demolition. We bring all the waste to an aggregate plant where as much of it as possible is turned into new aggregate to be used for future construction projects. We also ensure minimal disruption to the environment and residents around us while we work. If you need trusted and dependable demolition services in London, please contact us today. 

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