Benefits of using a local demo company

January 5, 2024by Feltham Demolition0

We recently worked on a large house demolition in West London. The customer said they chose us because we were a fairly local company and that they trusted local companies who were close to their doorstep, for a number of reasons. The reason they gave included local reputation, punctuality, investing in the local community, and the fact that we were familiar with local environmental and legal requirements. 

This inspired us to write this post about the advantages of using a local demolition company and what we believe the benefits are. 

Local House Demolition London

Familiarity with Local Laws and Regulations

Local demolition contractors are typically well-versed in the local building codes, regulations, and permit requirements. This can streamline the permitting process, save any unwanted paperwork and ensure compliance with local laws, saving time and potential legal issues. Choosing a local demolition company will save you time, effort and headache. 


Knowledge of Local Environment 

A local demolition company is likely to have experience working in the specific geographic and environmental conditions of your area. This knowledge can be crucial in planning and executing the demolition safely and efficiently. By choosing a local demolition company, you’re also saving time in the planning process, as your chosen demolition company is already familiar with your local environment. 


Community Relationships

Local companies often have established relationships with other local businesses, suppliers, and subcontractors. This can lead to better coordination, faster response times, and potentially lower costs due to established connections.


Accessibility and Communication

Being geographically close to the demolition site allows for easier communication and coordination. It’s convenient for site visits, meetings, and quick responses to any issues that may arise during the demolition process. Shorter travel times also factor into significant cost savings. 


Quick Response Times

Local companies can respond more quickly to emergencies, unexpected issues, or changes in project scope. This agility is valuable in ensuring that the demolition project stays on schedule, and doesn’t succumb to problems caused by slower response times from faraway demolition companies. Local demo companies can be on site and ready to work almost immediately. 


Cost Savings

Transportation costs can be a significant portion of a demolition project’s budget. By choosing a local company, you may reduce these costs, contributing to overall project cost savings.


Supporting the Local Economy

Choosing a local demolition company supports the local economy and helps create jobs within the community. This can be appealing for those who prioritise community involvement and economic development.


Personalised Service

Local companies often provide more personalised service. They may be more willing to work closely with clients, understand their specific needs, and tailor solutions accordingly.


Reduced Environmental Impact

A local company familiar with the local environment may be better equipped to implement sustainable practices and minimise the environmental impact of the demolition process. Our Staines Grab Hire team have links with all the local recycling centres, as well as having partners who can help with the re-use of rubble, wood and plastics.  


Reputation in the Community

Local companies are often more invested in maintaining a positive reputation within their community. You can easily gather information about their past projects, customer satisfaction, and reliability through local references and reviews.


Why Go Local? 

By choosing a local demolition contractor to work on your demolition project, you are not only supporting your local businesses and community, but removing friction from your project. You are saving time and money, while reducing hassle. There are only upsides to going local!

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