Case Study: Commercial Demolition Job in Teddington

August 14, 2023by Feltham Demolition0

We completed the full demolition of a car showroom in Teddington. 

Full demolition case study

Job description

We were hired to fully demolish a car showroom in Teddington, South-West London. This job was complex, and involved most of the demolition equipment we have in our toolkit. 

Demolition Teddington

We first split the building and weatherproofed it, and then purged the remaining fuel tanks that were left on on the site. Some of them were full, and needed to be emptied before we could proceed, otherwise they would pose a hazard. We then removed all the fuel tanks once they were empty and disposed of them. 

Our total demolition was done using the bucket end of our digger machines. This way, we can carefully control the way our buildings are demolished, and we can avoid any dangerous rubble fallout. We  dug out the strip foundations using our digger and completed our thorough muck away service using our grab trucks to remove excess spoil. 

Feltham Demolition and the environment

At Feltham Demolition, we care about the environment. This is why we ensure that with every demolition job we undertake, we uphold rigorous environmental policies, and recycle any rubble we can. Our Staines Grab specialists bring all the rubble from our demolition projects to an aggregate plant where the materials that can be turned into aggregate will be, and will therefore be reused in future construction projects. We also ensure to minimally disrupt residents and the environment around us while we work. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted, and environmentally-aware London demolition contractor, get in touch.


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