Case Study: Bank Vault Demolition in Kingston

August 14, 2023by Feltham Demolition0

We recently completed the demolition of a concrete bank vault in Kingston-upon-Thames, South-West London. 

Job description

We had to approach this demolition job carefully and strategically, as the bank vault was located in the basement of a building. We needed to make sure that we were not damaging the structural integrity of the building while removing the large concrete vault. 

This demolition job was harder than initially expected, and we had to swap our 3 tonne machine for a Brokk 200, which weighs 2 tonnes but packs the power of a 13 tonne machine. The Brokk machine can get into tight places that would pose dangers for humans. 

Brokk machines and demolition

A remote demolition robot is perfect for dealing with an array of demolition tasks, from tearing down concrete buildings and delicate internal strip outs. The Brokk machine is capable of handling pretty much any demolition work you throw at it. It outperforms traditional methods of demolition like concrete sawing, handheld tools, and excavators, and it excels in flexibility and, due to its compact size, works smoothly in confined spaces.

Feltham Demolition and the environment

As one of leading demolition contractors in London, we care about the location we are working in and we undertake ethical demolition practices. We ensure that on every job, we uphold rigorous environmental policies, and recycle any rubble we can. Our Staines Grab experts bring all the rubble from our demolition projects to an aggregate plant where the materials that can be turned into aggregate will be, and will therefore be reused in future construction projects. We also ensure to minimally disrupt residents and the environment around us while we work. 

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